REST API Integration with Ecommerce, ERP and WMS Platforms

Connecting all of your sales platforms to our Warehouse Management System improves accuracy, efficiency and cost.
Integrate your E-commerce, Marketplaces and ERP Systems

When speed counts, integrating systems is the way to go. Integration also eliminates all order entry errors and writes back tracking info to your system. It also allows for customizable automated order-shipping-acknowledgment emails to your customers with tracking info. 

Seamless and full integration with the Amazon marketplace, including listing updates, inventory updates and returns management.
We provide a custom Shopify app that enables your shop to be fully integrated with Square1.
Square1 has a readily available plugin to integrate WooCommerce with our warehouse management systems. You can also use WooCommerce triggers and REST API for seamless integrations.
We provide a Magento 2 extension for your store. It enables pushing of new orders to us, and also let us update the platform back for shipping information.
Channel Advisor
Square1 is fully integrated with Channel Advisor, including complete synchronization of product listing and orders from different channels you set up with it. Just like Channel Advisor, our warehouse will be your central fulfillment hub.
With BigCommerce's full-featured API, you can be assured that integration with it is seamless and stress-free. Square1 can also develop a custom BigCommerce app for your special needs.
Square1 can be integrated with cs.cart using either the Square1 addon or through its REST API.
Square1 has a direct connector to HubSoft which makes business-to-business e-commerce stores on HubSoft easier to integrate with our warehouses.
TradeGecko customers can take advantage of Square1's advanced integration features that would allow them to streamline and automate their fulfillment procedures at a lower cost.
Square1's simplified and easy-to-implement integration builders complements Volusion's user-friendly tools, giving store owners sophisticated fulfillment solutions without the need for an IT team.
Square1 partners with Zoovy in developing turnkey e-commerce solutions that you can trust. Not only does Square1 is integration-ready, Zoovy customers are assured of quality warehouse integration with Square1 for all custom solutions that are provided by Zoovy to its customers.
Shipping Integration - Rate Shopping for Ecommerce Orders
When Fedex, UPS and USPS compete you win. We negotiate best rates with all 3 major carriers. At the point of shipping orders are instantly shopped for best price. You can also use your shipping accounts if you prefer.