Square1 has become the go-to 3pl partner for brands with easily-damaged products and those requiring climate control. With it’s roots in the beauty industry, Square1 has over 25 years experience packing & shipping high end brands, liquids and hazmat products.

Your clients have expectations when they open their package. There are some products that require special packing to meet those expectations. We work hard to identify problems with specific products before they ship. Our experience, combined with our 50% stronger-than-standard shipping boxes, gives your products the best chance of arriving to your customer undamaged.

There are many 3pls that are good at picking/packing/shipping. What separates Square1 from other 3pls is our commitment to being a true partner to our clients. That might mean sourcing special boxes, recommending a manufacturer or working with local printers on your behalf. For beauty industry clients, the 25 years experience of our founder, Shane Hanson, might come in handy. Whether it be informal chats about the industry or specifically about a promotional idea our clients know Shane is only a phone call away.

If you want a 3PL partner who will be invested in the success of your business, give us a call at 417-839-9977 or click on the contact button below.

What our clients say about Square1

The Square1 team is instrumental in the logistical side of our business and have been exceptional at every stage. Their attention to detail and phenomenal customer service really sets them apart. Highly recommended.

-Jill, TMF (True Makeup Freedom)

We have worked with Shane and the Square1 team for a while now and our experience has been fantastic. They provide consistently great service and communicate extremely well. There have been many logistics related hiccups in the starting phase of our business, and the Square1 team has come through every time and been extremely helpful and accommodating in helping us in any way that we need. Their team takes care of large distributor orders as well as small eCommerce orders and we have been very happy with both. Shane and the Square1 team are experts in the industry, and are helping to make our business more efficient and successful!

-Sophia, Beauty Industry President

Let’s build something together.

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